“One, two, three, four, five,” I huffed haggardly as I counted the number of compressions. Sweat was beading on my forehead as I continued counting and using the bits of remaining strength in my arms to push, push, push. I asked a colleague to pull out her phone and call 911. “And grab the first-aid kit and AED!” I yelled. My arms were fatiguing. My heart was racing. Finally—muscles seizing—I completed the total number of required compressions and the instructor called, “Next!”

As part of E Source’s workplace commitment to employee safety, a group of safety-minded coworkers learned CPR and first aid to help us take action in an emergency and prevent fatal tragedies in the office. The newly formed E Source safety squad is getting staffers to think more carefully about safe practices in the work environment.

Bravely, I volunteered to let fellow E Sourcer Lauren Potter dig around on my chest to find the breastbone—the critical compression spot for CPR. Hint: It’s above the squishy area!

Photo of E Sourcer Jeffrey Daigle acting as the CPR dummy for the safety squad

The utility industry has had a laser focus on safety for quite some time. After hearing about our utility members’ efforts to make a cultural shift that emphasizes safety, we thought it would be prudent to engage in the same exercise—even though we don’t face the same daily dangers as utility workers do.

Our HR manager Jessica Davis (left) and facilities manager Crystal Lopez take turns doing compressions on a training dummy. No, not me.

Photo of facilities manager Cyrstal Lopez and HR manager Jessica Davis learning CPR on a practice dummy

It started simply. A group of employees got together to start a safety squad, a team dedicated to supporting workplace safety and educating employees on how to make the office a less hazardous environment. We created a safety board that studies new safety-related topics each month, such as sun safety and responsibility around electrical wires and outlets. At our recent companywide meeting, we shared information on how to do hands-only CPR.

At the end of the office safety class, we were all certified in CPR and first aid. So if you’re at this year’s E Source Forum and you bonk your nose during a yoga class or stub your toe while running to a must-see session, we’ll be prepped and ready to assist!

Photo of the E Source safety squad after CPR and first-aid certification

The E Source safety squad is slowly but surely shifting the office culture to one that’s more attentive to workplace safety. Our employees have developed awareness of the squad and our roles. They talk about the great video provided by the American Heart Association on hands-only CPR. They’ve signed up for our next training—hosted by the local fire department—on fire safety and how to use fire extinguishers. This journey is much like those compressions: It can be difficult to continue, but having the ability to potentially save a life is well worth the effort.

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