The release of a brand-new E Source website is imminent. We’ve overhauled our site, creating a fast, reliable, user-friendly experience that will help our customers discover information and ideas. But more important than the upgrades we’ve made is the foundation we’ve built that will help us realize our ambitions for this site. As a senior software developer on the project, I see this release not as an ending but as a new beginning.

It’s one thing to create a website that meets all of your users’ needs right out of the gate. It’s another, arguably more important thing to create a means for change and improvement. Redesigning a website has traditionally been a long, expensive undertaking that can become nightmarish. But it doesn’t have to be that way—here at E Source we haven’t just created a new site, we’ve created an engine for change and innovation.

Image of candle, incandescent bulb, CFL, and LED

As we say in our Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Websites 2015: Executive Summary, “Utilities with the highest-rated websites are consistently redesigning their websites.” Using Agile methodology, a continuous-integration pipeline, and highly extensible software, we can release changes to our new website and our tools on a daily basis. Large projects and features are broken down into tiny pieces that can be completed within three-week (or shorter) work sprints. This enables us to change not just consistently, but constantly.

We’ll use this nimble approach to build our software in the future. It allows us to quickly react to analytics and customer feedback while also dividing larger, longer-term projects into bite-sized chunks. This ease of movement is critical for us to be able to simultaneously maintain and adapt our current base while working toward our broader goals—and we have some really exciting goals! We plan to use our new platform, extensive datasets, and in-depth research to make meaningful and pointed connections for our users. We want to help you figure out your problems and expedite your solutions.

We look forward to working with you to create this experience now and to continuing to improve it over time. Want to see our site in its beta form? Click the orange banner at the top right of any page on our site! We’d love for you to have a look and let us know what you think.