NOTE: This event has already taken place. See below for recording, event description, and link to download the presentation slides.


“Journey Mapping Your Demand Response Programs” (PDF)

Journey mapping, the process of examining an experience through the customer’s perspective, is one of the most powerful tools within the customer experience (CX) realm. Join E Source as we explore how you can use journey mapping to improve the experience of your demand-response (DR) programs to result in higher participation, lower costs, and an improved CX.

You’ll learn:

  • How journey mapping can help DR professionals in designing their programs
  • Why you should map the customer’s journey for DR events
  • Which personas to use to evaluate a DR program
  • Who should be involved in a journey-mapping workshop
  • What parts of the DR journey you should evaluate


Melanie Wemple, Managing Director, Strategy & Optimization Consulting, E Source
Courtney Welch, Lead Analyst, Demand-Side Management, E Source

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).​