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Now that cannabis has been legalized in several states, the indoor cannabis cultivation sector is rapidly growing. These operations demand large amounts of power, making them an excellent target for utility demand-side management programs. Growers struggle to find the most-efficient technologies, and many have had poor experiences using low-quality products that don’t live up to vendor claims.

To design programs that help growers make good business decisions, utilities need a clear understanding of how lighting, HVAC, and moisture-control systems affect crops in controlled environments. To facilitate this education, the National Utility Lighting Exchange (NULX) and E Source have partnered to bring together utility program managers and industry experts to discuss their experiences and the technical challenges they face. You don’t need to be an E Source member to attend this web conference.

You will learn:

  • What the controlled-environment agriculture market looks like
  • The results of baseline evaluations
  • Where opportunities for savings exist
  • Best practices gleaned from case studies


Bryan Jungers, Lead Analyst, Technology Assessment, E Source
Kevin Mayer, CEO, Croptimize
John Morris, Vice President, Development, D+R International