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We know it can be tough to determine how different programs and budgets compare across multiple utilities or to find new ways to position yourself in the market. It can also be difficult to figure out which new measures can easily be incorporated into your program. We recently made some groundbreaking enhancements to our DSM data products, DSM Insights and Measure Insights, that can make your life easier. We’ve redesigned the DSM Insights user experience to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also added information on program implementers or evaluators, when available. And with Measure Insights, we’ve unveiled a new dashboard that shows you which technical reference manuals (TRMs) contain which measures. If you haven’t used these two data products lately, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how our newest features can save you time and help you optimize your DSM portfolio. You’ll also have the opportunity to get a live look at the product roadmaps for the coming year and give us your feedback.

You will learn:

  • How to use the new Benchmark My Programs dashboard. You asked for an even easier way to benchmark all aspects of programs to gain deeper insights into your portfolio and those of your peer utilities. This new dashboard provides the ability to narrow and filter your results, one time, and then see the cost-effectiveness of programs, who is meeting goals, and how they’re spending their budgets.
  • Where to find program providers. Want to know who implemented or evaluated a program and how well that program performed? We’ll show you how with DSM Insights!
  • When to use the Find Opportunities dashboard. Consultants, implementers, evaluators, and technology vendors looking for business opportunities with utilities need the Find Opportunities dashboard. This dashboard allows you to easily identify programs to target and to see whether they’re falling short of their goals, not cost-effective, or not meeting their budgets.
  • Why the TRM Coverage dashboard in Measure Insights is revolutionary! This new dashboard enables you to determine the most common and least popular measures for programs, which is especially helpful if you’re benchmarking your programs or looking for new opportunities for programs.

This groundbreaking data compilation is the first time such information has ever been in one place, and it provides visibility into measure selection for programs like never before.


Rachel Buckley, Senior Director, DSM Solutions and Member Experience, E Source
Jeannine Turner, Manager, Data Products, E Source
Zack Tamble, Director, Operations, QuadROI