You’re collecting immense amounts of data about your customers, but are you uncovering the stories hidden within that data?

The only way to get value from your information is to connect and contextualize the data points. In this video excerpt from the 2017 E Source Forum, Lauren Smith, executive vice president of sales and client services at journey analytics firm ClickFox, talks about how to analyze customer journeys so you can learn where they succeed and where they fail. You can then apply that intelligence to use cases across the utility to gain efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

For example, take the payment arrangement journey (Figure 1). It starts with a customer having a billing issue; then the customer works with the utility to make a payment arrangement; then the customer modifies or extends the arrangement; and then they default. After that, the utility notifies the customer that it’s going to shut off service; it terminates service; the customer makes a new payment arrangement and gets service restored; and the journey begins again.

Figure 1: Typical payment arrangement journey

The payment arrangement journey begins with a billing issue, moves into a payment plan, and ends with service shutoff. Journey analytics shows that along this path, there are opportunities for improvements utility-wide, not just in the collections department.

Journey analytics can show opportunities within this path. You can find places to optimize communication channels; make process improvements in the call center; predict customers’ next steps based on past behaviors; and set policies for how to handle payment arrangements going forward. The data you use to improve customer satisfaction scores is the same data you should use to reduce calls in the contact center. Journey analytics can help you meet a customer’s need while enabling cross-department efficiencies.

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