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August 23, 2017

Timely Content You Can’t Afford to Miss

Non-member utilities save 50% on registration through August 31 with discount code FORUM50.

For the past 30 years, E Source has been working hand in hand with utilities to help them achieve their energy-efficiency goals by putting the customer first. Today’s utilities are shifting from managing the energy load to understanding customers and giving them the options they want. And E Source is leading the way, helping you remain relevant to future energy consumers by moving from DSM to CSM™ (Customer-Side Management)—putting customers at the center of your business strategies, planning initiatives, and implementation efforts.

Join us at the 30th annual E Source Forum, where we’ll demonstrate the power of relentlessly focusing on your customers. Here’s a sampling of the sessions we’re looking forward to.

More Than a Paycheck: Segmentation and Utility Programs for Limited-Income Customers. Offering low-income customers opportunities to engage in energy-efficiency and bill assistance programs is just one aspect of meeting these customers’ needs. We’ll dive into E Source’s work on region-specific segmentation of low-income customers and hear from the CEO of the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative. This organization offers energy-efficiency programs and non-energy benefits to families in need, and its work with utilities, city governments, and other organizations is a bright spot in the future of low-income customer engagement.

Interactive Workshop with Amory Lovins. Thirty years after founding E Source, Amory Lovins continues to be a leading driver of the worldwide transition to a more efficient and sustainable energy future. Join an interactive workshop with Amory to hear his thoughts on a wide range of topics—from electric transport to the distributed utility and whole-system design for maximum energy efficiency. Press back with your own questions, challenges, and ideas and emerge with concrete ideas you can implement in your organization.

From Disgust to Delight: How to Sway Your Haters. Your haters are costing you—from higher customer service costs to lower customer satisfaction scores. Learn to understand and create a better experience for your least satisfied customers. We’ll highlight two utilities that have dramatically improved their customers’ experiences and feature tactical and strategic approaches to delighting even your hardest-to-please customers.

Beneficial Electrification for Fun and Profit. How can utilities boost their public image and revenues, while doing their part to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions? By getting in on the beneficial electrification craze. Come learn what it’s all about and hear from one utility that’s pursuing far-reaching transportation electrification.

Emerging Technologies, Intriguing Trends, and Missed Opportunities. E Source’s Technology Assessment team gets to spend all day, every day researching energy-related technologies. Come meet the team and get our take on some of the most promising emerging technologies, underutilized measures, and important trends that utilities should know about. We’ll cover electric and gas technologies for multiple sectors—from residential to commercial and industrial—in a fun and fast-paced format to ensure that there’s something for everyone.

More Than Energy: How Nonutility Brands Tell Their Stories. Nonutility energy companies sell products and services, but they also sell lifestyles, convenience, and adventure. In this fireside chat, come pick the brains of people working on the edges of the utility industry who are winning your customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.

The E Source Forum is just a few weeks away, and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and making new friends. Remember, if your utility is an E Source member, there’s no limit to the number of attendees who can register at no cost, so register today!

And if you’re not a member, we’d love to show you what’s so special about this unique event. Register by August 31 and use discount code FORUM50 to get almost 50% off the standard non-member utility rate. That makes your registration just $750, and the experience you’ll have will be priceless.

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Aleana Reeves


Senior Director

Aleana Reeves has a deep understanding of customer experience strategy. She is focused on delivering strategic customer insights to the energy industry in order to enhance their customer experience efforts through project planning and strategy, organizational adoption, and development of actionable measurements and insights. Her work experience includes consulting with both Accenture and 170 Systems. Aleana has an MBA from University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. She also holds a BA in economics from Brown University.

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Senior Director, Customer Experience

Aleana Reeves has a deep understanding of customer experience strategy. She is focused on delivering strategic customer insights to the energy...