Emma Rieves researches energy-efficient technologies with a focus on smart home devices. Prior to joining E Source, Emma was an analyst at Simple Energy where she managed data reporting. She also worked as a program coordinator at Utah Clean Energy, where she developed a low-income pilot; supported energy- and greenhouse-gas-reduction planning; researched clean energy and efficiency; and provided data analysis for regulatory proceedings. Emma has a BA from Bowdoin College, a background in computer science, and a passion for decarbonization.

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Mopping up the solar spill: Using optimized managed charging to absorb excess solar generation

Emma Rieves
February 19, 2020

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be either a boon or burden for the electric grid. Don’t let the sun set on the opportunity to use EVs to benefit the grid, your utility, and your customers. Now’s the time to start rolling out solar-optimized managed charging in workplaces. Our e-book shows you how.