In April at the E Design 2020: Powering What’s Next for the New Energy Consumer in Seattle, Washington, forward-looking utilities will have the opportunity to learn from companies that are using design thinking to innovate. “Our objective is nothing short of creating the path to the customer portfolio of the future,” says Bill LeBlanc, Chief Instigation Agent at E Source. “These presentations and workshops will inspire utilities to think about product development and customer experience in a whole new way.”

Attendees will learn how other industries approach innovation and design thinking from inspiring speakers such as:

  • Chanda Beppu, Vice President of Global Beverage Innovation, Starbucks
  • Jerod Button, Director of Content Services, T-Mobile
  • Shikha Desai, Principal Designer, Microsoft
  • Melanie Adamson, Vice President of Marketing, LO3

The fast-paced agenda also includes speakers from Egg Strategy, EnerTech Capital, the Large Public Power Council, the Pace Energy and Climate Center, ComEd, and Austin Energy.

Last year, the conference introduced the concept of design thinking and explained how electric and gas utilities can incorporate the methodology into their ecosystems. This year’s agenda will bring those concepts to life by tackling issues such as:

  • Creating solutions for distributed energy resources that make sense for customers and utilities
  • Gaining traction in the hard-to-reach small and midsize business market by taking a better approach to understanding their core wants and needs
  • Improving demand-side management program effectiveness and participation
  • Creating different and superior customer experiences via the interactive voice response system, call center, or field applications
  • Discovering new revenue-generating products and services that customers actually want

The Renaissance Seattle Hotel will host the E Source E Design 2020 conference from April 11–12, 2018. To learn more about this event, please visit E Design 2020: Powering What’s Next for the New Energy Consumer.

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