Actionable insights to help you better engage your residential customers.

Residential customers vary greatly—especially when it comes to their purchasing behaviors, attitudes about energy, motivations to conserve, and satisfaction levels. As an energy provider, you need to understand your audience and engage with them in ways that allow you to effectively focus your marketing budget, time, and resources. The Nielsen Company provides consumer intelligence that will enable you to offer the right programs to the right customers, using the right channels.

The Solution

E Source has collaborated with The Nielsen Company to give utilities the insights they need to make smart decisions about their residential customers and the energy-efficiency programs created for them. Nielsen’s Residential Segmentation Solution provides a tailored, insightful, and actionable approach to customer acquisition and program development—allowing you to use your valuable resources where they have the biggest impact.

This robust segmentation solution was built using Nielsen Energy Behavior Track, a comprehensive survey focusing on behaviors and attitudes related to energy use. With an annual sample representing more than 30,000 households, the data set includes content for nearly 200 variables, including:

  • Energy programs and services that consumers currently have or are likely to use in the next year
  • Use of energy-saving products
  • Motivations behind “green” behaviors
  • Interest in smart grid services
  • Use of online energy-related services
  • Attitudes toward energy use

The Benefits

With the Nielsen Residential Segmentation Solution, you can:

  • Identify exactly which customers are most likely to participate in your specific programs to more effectively allocate your marketing resources
  • Learn about the lifestyle behaviors and media consumption habits of high-potential customers to inform your messaging and communication strategies
  • Estimate energy-efficiency program participation levels
  • Give program architects and managers a reliable way to understand the energy-saving potential in their service territories so they can better allocate resources and align program portfolios
  • Optimize your resources for delivering programs and serving residential customers
  • Discover specific operational improvements you can make to boost customer satisfaction for each segment
E Source Residential Segmentation Solution process

What You Get

Your customers are unique and your results will be too. We’ll provide:

  • A comprehensive analysis, organizing all of your residential customers into segments depending on their demographics, energy conservation behaviors, media consumption habits, lifestyle preferences, and other data inputs so you know who to contact, for what programs, and how to approach them
  • Detailed profiles of your segments, describing them by energy-related attitudes and behaviors, demographics, lifestyle preferences, media habits, and mobile usage
  • A complete list of all your residential customers, organized by segment and propensity to engage in a wide variety of behaviors and activities
  • A detailed review of your results, during which our experts will thoroughly explain the segmentation analysis to help you understand the findings and take appropriate action with your residential customers

The Nielsen Residential Energy Segmentation Solution provides you with the confidence to take action and make an impact with your marketing and planning efforts.

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