Actionable insights to help you better serve your business customers.

Your business customers aren’t all the same—they have unique energy needs, they use energy differently, and they have their own ideas about service and satisfaction. Utilities often struggle to categorize and prioritize their customers, and, as a result, they may fail to create strategies, programs, and solutions that make sense for the various businesses. Our research shows that by segmenting your customers, you can increase program participation and improve customer satisfaction scores by a large margin.

The Solution

E Source has decades of experience analyzing business customer attitudes and behaviors as well as evaluating the technologies businesses use in their facilities. The E Source Business Segmentation Solution gives you a tailored, insightful, and actionable approach to targeting and serving your business customers—allowing you to most effectively use your valuable resources.

E Source has collaborated with The Nielsen Company to give utilities the data they need to make smart decisions about their business customers and their energy-efficiency programs. We’ve developed a comprehensive segmentation solution that provides you with innovative and actionable ways to make the greatest impact with the resources you have. The intersection of the following components will allow you to precisely target the ideal businesses and optimize your efforts in energy efficiency and customer service:

  • Energy Efficiency Predictor. Select, design, and market the right energy-efficiency products and services to the right business customers
  • Customer Service Enhancer. Improve business customer service and utility operational efficiencies in serving business customers

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The E Source Energy Efficiency Predictor reveals which specific customers are most likely to participate in your efficiency programs and which businesses have the greatest energy-saving potential. These insights allow you to develop a program portfolio that targets the biggest opportunities and to focus your outreach efforts on the right customers. This tailored approach for targeting and serving your business customers allows you to most effectively use your valuable resources. Overwhelmingly, our research shows that segmentation in utility marketing and program design can result in significantly increased program participation.

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The E Source Customer Service Enhancer uncovers specific things you can do to optimize your customer service efforts and increase customer satisfaction scores, while balancing the cost of serving those customers. Our approach starts with market research to determine customer needs and satisfaction levels. With this data, we’ll segment your business customers by their satisfaction with the utility and their preferences for the level and types of engagement. The results will help you shape the customer service and marketing functions at your utility and focus the strategy of your customer service teams around a defined set of customers and objectives.

The Benefits

With our Business Segmentation Solution, you can:

  • Identify exactly who to target for which program to more effectively allocate your marketing resources
  • Forecast your energy-efficiency program participation levels and energy savings
  • Understand your business customers’ wants and needs to create tailored strategies and programs that make sense for them
  • Give program architects and managers a reliable way to predict the energy-saving potential in their service territories so they can allocate resources and align program portfolios
  • Optimize your resources for delivering programs and serving business customers
  • Discover specific operational improvements you can make to boost customer satisfaction for each segment

What You Get

Your customers are unique and your results will be too. We’ll provide:

  • A comprehensive analysis, organizing all of your business customers into segments so you know who to target first, for what programs, and how to approach them
  • Estimated energy-savings potential for each respective account, segment, and specific end-use technology
  • Customer service scoring for each account, so you can target specific customers to improve satisfaction
  • A custom report with detailed findings, profiles of your segments, and actionable suggestions for improving the effectiveness of your future efforts
  • A complete list of all your business customers, organized by segment and propensity score, along with additional appended data on an account-by-account basis
  • Personal consultation with your team—we’ll gather inputs and, once our predictive analysis is complete, explain the results to help you understand our findings and take appropriate action with your business customers

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