Account managers have a difficult job—key account customer demands are high, technologies are advancing, utility programs and services are ever-changing, and fighting fires is routine. On top of that, account managers are being asked to do more and more, while turnover at the utility and at customers’ facilities is occurring at a rapid pace. Keeping your account managers motivated, educated, and equipped is critical to retaining top-notch employees and effectively serving your key account customers.

The Solution

E Source Account Management Training gives your team the aptitude, attitude, tools, and techniques they need to help your utility succeed with its most important business customers. Our successful methodology was created from years of hands-on account management experience. Our experts will develop a custom curriculum that will have the biggest impact, with topics such as:

  • Building and then strengthening relationships with assigned key account customers
  • Starting the conversations, keeping them going, and closing the deal
  • Gaining insights on your key accounts’ business drivers and developing intuition about their service needs
  • Establishing a strategic energy management mind-set
  • Acquiring techniques to increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing sales capabilities and developing other soft skills
  • Becoming a proactive energy advisor

Our Phased Approach

To have the greatest effect on your team’s priorities and processes, we use a phased approach that allows us to create a customized workshop with recommendations that make sense for your organization and account management team.

E Source Account Management Training Phase 1
E Source will conduct brief interviews with selected team members to better understand common customer concerns, sales challenges, financial fluency, processes, and capabilities of the account management team. Then we’ll synthesize the feedback; refine the proposed content, tools, and curriculum; and help you prioritize it.

E Source Account Management Training Phase 2
After the custom curriculum is finalized, we’ll initiate the design and development of your account management training materials, which may include:
  • Understanding what key account customers expect from their utility and account manager and what you can do about it
  • Evolving from a reactive account manager to a proactive energy advisor
  • Studying your major customer segments to learn how they use energy, make energy decisions, and want to be communicated with so you can provide the best possible service and help them save energy
  • Evaluating the technologies your key accounts are most interested in, along with some that are just emerging
  • Introducing the principles and advantages of strategic energy management
  • Selling customers on value rather than solely on cost savings
  • Leveraging Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager and other tools to track your customers’ energy use, identify issues, conduct peer comparisons, prioritize their needs, and facilitate meaningful conversations about efficiency
  • Introducing account-planning tools and techniques, explaining their intended use, and reviewing their functionality in customer interactions

E Source Account Management Training Phase 3
We’ll conduct an on-site workshop for members of your account management team, guiding them through the curriculum established in Phase 2. The one-, two-, or three-day workshop will include interactive discussions, role-playing, and group exercises.

E Source Account Management Training Phase 4
As your account managers begin putting their newfound knowledge into practice, we’ll provide coaching and advisory support to ensure that positive momentum is maintained and customer service becomes a part of your company’s culture.

Get Started!

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