Part of the journey-mapping process is identifying your customers’ wants, needs, and pain points. Empathy maps are visual depictions of these customer traits. At an E Source Forum workshop in 2017, we asked demand-side management (DSM) program managers to create empathy maps for their customers. This infographic spotlights maps for three of their personas:

  • Young and Influential
  • Toolbelt Traditionalist
  • Second-City Start-Up

Although these particular personas were developed in a conversation among DSM professionals, the same concepts can apply to many water, electric, or gas services.

Download the infographic to see what these program managers believed their customers were seeing, thinking about, doing, and hearing. Are your customers similar? To find out, contact our Solution services to host a journey-mapping workshop at your utility. And check out the E Source customer experience glossary to learn more customer experience terminology.


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