E Source is now fielding the 2016 Contact Center Performance survey to help set the benchmark for several key contact center metrics. The results of the E Source Contact Center Performance survey allow utilities to compare their own practices and performance to those of their peers.

Download and fill out the survey (XLSX)

The Contact Center Performance survey explores:

  • Agent staffing and training
  • Contact center operations
  • Agent interactions by channel
  • Contact center metrics
  • Quality assurance
  • Key performance indicators

Your participation in this study will help utilities like yours better understand staffing, operations, and performance of utility contact centers. The amount of data we collect is dependent on you and your colleagues—we’ll compile the results when we have data from at least 30 utilities.

Ready to participate? Simply complete the survey (XLSX) and email it to the E Source Contact Center Performance team at contactcenterperformance@esource.com by June 30, 2016. If you’re unable to find the data for a particular metric, just skip ahead to the next metric. Please be as thorough as possible—every bit helps us gain a better idea of the state of the industry.

By filling out this survey, you’ll receive complimentary access to high-level findings for many of the metrics in an aggregated and anonymous format. Members of the E Source Utility Customer Care Service or Customer Experience Suite will also receive an invitation to a web conference, where we’ll present in-depth analysis and best-in-class results from the survey.

Questions? Contact us. Please view the study description for details on the history and methodology of this survey. If you have questions or would like more information about E Source Contact Center Performance 2016, please contact us.