Traditional, broad segmentation is no longer enough to effectively reach customers. E Source has decades of experience analyzing residential and business customer attitudes and behaviors as well as evaluating the technologies businesses use in their facilities. We’ll develop a tailored, insightful approach to targeting and serving your customers.

Business Segmentation Solution. With our data analysis and consultation, you can precisely target the customers (down to the account level) who are most likely to participate in your energy-efficiency and demand-side management programs. You’ll be able to reap the greatest possible energy savings and your customers will be more satisfied.

Residential Segmentation Solution. Among residential customers, energy is a notoriously low-interest subject, so the formula for increasing program participation requires a strategy that revolves around what they are interested in. You need to reach the right customers with the right offers. Our segmentation solution takes your customers’ energy attitudes and behaviors into account and provides insights that can help you engage your key segments.

Solar Customer Insights Solution. As a utility, you need to understand which of your customers are most likely to adopt solar so you can develop a robust strategy, maintain strong relationships with key customers, consider a rate redesign, and plan for operational impacts. We will identify which customers are most likely to “go solar,” and we’ll provide in-depth custom insights and actionable recommendations to help you act before it’s too late.

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