Bringing action to your customer’s voice.

Although most utilities collect customer and employee data—surveys, user experience on the website, satisfaction across contact channels, metrics from the call center, and feedback from employees—it’s often fragmented and difficult to quickly access, analyze, report on, or act on. In many cases, utilities have not kept pace with now common practices in other industries to gather, analyze, and act on feedback in real time. As customer expectations continue to rise, it’s more essential than ever to listen, analyze, and act on customer and employee feedback in real time.

Download  Building Your Utility’s Voice-of-the-Customer Program in 6 Steps (PDF)

The Solution

The E Source Enterprise Feedback Management Solution (EFM) enables companies to develop, launch, and manage sophisticated voice-of-the-customer (VOC), voice-of-the-employee (VOE), and market research programs through a single platform, as well as analyze and take action on the data as it comes in. The Enterprise Feedback Management Solution augments the data-collection practices you have in place today, allowing you to save money and time while making customer and employee insights easier to gather, understand, and respond to. Our solution—designed for utilities of all sizes and built on a globally recognized technology platform—enables utilities to replicate the same survey and feedback tools that used to be the exclusive domain of Fortune 100 companies. We can be your partner, helping to review your current feedback strategy and working collaboratively to design a custom, phased plan to support your critical business goals.

To provide the most relevant and sophisticated solution to utilities, we’ve partnered with Qualtrics, the global leader in employee and customer experience management software. By combining the technical expertise of Qualtrics with E Source’s deep utility expertise, we present a complete, fully scalable, utility-specific solution.

What You Get

With our Enterprise Feedback Management Solution, you get:

  • The most comprehensive, robust, scalable EFM technology on the market
  • E Source consulting expertise and project management to help you design, build, and implement your program; set up the systems and technologies; and position you to manage your program for the long term
  • A real-time dashboard with the most advanced reporting, analysis, and feedback-management capabilities

Everything You Need, in One Place

Capture the big picture. Insight requires data. Our solution enables you to use feedback from any interaction channel—web, voice, text, in person, or on paper—and house all of the results in one place.

Drive decisions. Delivering clear, actionable insights is a business imperative if you and your internal stakeholders are to gain a deeper understanding and make more-informed decisions.

Take immediate action. Data must drive action, which means context is everything. Our experts will help you integrate your data with CRM, HR, and sales systems so you can add the “why?” to the “what?” and ensure that you take the right steps at the right time.

Engage your employees and customers. Bringing VOE and VOC data into your programs gives you the inside view on customer experiences, frontline input that delivers new insights, and the ability to create stronger relationships with your customers.

Voice of the Customer

Make sure the voice of your customer is heard:

  • Create a single-channel or multichannel VOC program that matches your utility business needs, ensuring that you accurately capture all customer experiences
  • Improve your daily operations by identifying processes that frustrate customers, prevent upselling of utility programs and services, and create negative word-of-mouth or commission complaints
  • Turn feedback into an active, operational part of your decision-making process and generate cost savings by identifying key areas for investment
  • Incorporate VOC insights to give you a comprehensive picture of your customers’ experiences

Voice of the Employee

Tune in to your employees:

  • Create a feedback program that meets your utility’s needs, using whatever engagement methodology works for you
  • Integrate data from employee feedback surveys with other business and operations information to create a 360-degree view of your employees
  • Customize interactive reports for key stakeholders so they only see the data that matter to them and automatically share the reports
  • Use employee feedback to identify utility practices that are damaging customer satisfaction
  • Correlate customer engagement and employee engagement so you can understand where to invest in your people to maximize your return

Get Started!

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