The E Source Energy-Efficiency Predictor reveals which specific business customers are most likely to participate in your efficiency programs and which have the greatest energy-saving potential. These insights will enable you to develop a program portfolio that targets the biggest opportunities and to focus your outreach efforts on the right customers. This tailored approach also allows you to make the most effective use of your valuable resources.

Overwhelmingly, our research shows that segmentation in utility marketing and program design can result in increased program participation. The E Source Energy-Efficiency Predictor will:

  • Identify who to target for which program, enabling you to more effectively allocate program resources
  • Forecast your energy-efficiency program participation levels and energy savings
  • Enable better understanding of your business customers’ wants and needs to create tailored strategies and programs that make sense for them
  • Provide program architects and managers with a reliable way to predict the energy-saving potential in their service territories, ensuring the best use of your resources and alignment of program portfolios
  • Help you optimize your program resources for delivering energy efficiency to business customers
  • Identify operational improvements for boosting customer satisfaction

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