Analysis and insights for successful DSM portfolio planning and Clean Power Plan compliance planning.

Data-backed energy-efficiency portfolio planning is critical to achieving state and utility energy-efficiency and carbon-reduction goals. Not only are goals ramping up in many areas, but stricter building codes and evolving technology baselines are making it increasingly challenging to cost-effectively meet efficiency and carbon-reduction targets. Unfortunately, traditional potential studies used in portfolio and program planning are expensive, time-intensive, and difficult to use.

The Solution

Our solution will give you the data and insights you need to develop cost-effective demand-side management (DSM) portfolios, comprised of the programs your customers are most likely to participate in. You’ll also learn about efficiency-related opportunities to reduce carbon emissions without breaking the bank.

The E Source Difference

Our approach is different from other methodologies in that it starts with customers rather than with technologies. We use a combination of economic potential, behavioral information, and vetted predictive analytics to provide you with solid results that are presented in a format that’s easy to understand and use. We’ll customize our proven energy-efficiency potential study model to develop actionable analysis for you at a lower cost than traditional potential studies.

This illustration represents the capabilities of the E Source DSM and Carbon Potential Study.

What You Get

Based on your needs, we’ll provide:

  • A summary of aggregate territorywide efficiency-related energy- and carbon-reduction opportunities
  • Estimated energy-savings and carbon-reduction potential for each specific business and residential customer segment and end-use technology or program category that can be used to design new or update existing efficiency programs
  • Actionable recommendations for the most cost-effective efficiency technologies and customer program categories for DSM portfolio planning and Clean Power Plan compliance
  • A custom report and personal consultation explaining the results and recommendations

Get Started!

Schedule a 15-minute call with an E Source consulting specialist to discuss how we can support your current initiatives.

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