Optimizing program delivery is a complex task. E Source has more than 25 years of experience helping utilities create strong programs, implement them, and measure their success. We also understand complexities like regulatory trends and trade ally networks.

DSM and Carbon Potential Study
With our lower-cost alternative to a traditional DSM market potential study, you’ll get the data and insights you need for Clean Power Plan compliance planning as well as a solid foundation for maximum reach and DSM program cost-effectiveness.

DSM Portfolio Optimization
We’ll help ensure that your DSM portfolio is best positioned for your customer, market, and regulatory needs.

Energy-Efficiency Predictor
Using the E Source Energy-Efficiency Predictor model, we’ll help you select the business customers that are most likely to participate in your programs, and then design and market the energy-efficiency products and services that are most appropriate for them.

Trade Ally Program Assessment
We’ll leverage our knowledge of trade allies to tailor a solution for your utility that maximizes trade ally performance for your DSM programs.

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