Customers are experiencing your service and brand across numerous digital channels—they’re using your website, self-service app, and interactive voice response system (IVR) and they want to interact with your utility via their mobile devices and on social media. Without a plan, all of these touchpoints will be perceived as disjointed and, ultimately, incapable of delivering a holistic customer experience. You need a strategy to properly design, build, and deliver robust and user-friendly digital experiences.

The Solution

E Source Digital Strategy Development blends expertise in customer experience, usability, and digital channels to support your digital strategy development efforts. We’ve gathered data from years of industry-leading utility website and IVR market research and benchmarking studies, and we’ll put that knowledge to work for you.

The Benefits

With our unique consulting offering, you can:

  • Create a cohesive and unified strategy that includes all of your digital contact channels
  • Improve customer loyalty by delivering a consistently excellent experience
  • Reduce channel-switching by providing the service customers expect via their channel of choice
  • Build a solid foundation for technology enhancements

What You Get

Our highly skilled consulting team will create a customized solution to meet the specific needs of your utility. It may include:

  • An assessment of the state of your digital portfolio
  • Interviews with key stakeholders at your utility
  • A full inventory of all your customer touchpoints
  • Research on the channel preferences of your customers
  • A technology plan and road map
  • A three-to-five-year project plan with major milestones and deliverables
  • Business case development for the digital initiatives that make sense for your utility

Get Started!

Schedule a 15-minute call with an E Source consulting specialist to discuss how we can support your current initiatives.

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