A strategy to get ahead—and stay there—in a world of nonstop disruption.

In the utility industry—in any industry, in fact—we no longer have the luxury of choosing whether we want to change or not. Disruptions to our traditional business models are creating challenges never encountered before by employees, customers, or utility leaders, and they cannot be ignored. Looking to the past for solutions is like using a rearview mirror to drive your car. At E Source, we see leading utilities following in the footsteps of successful Fortune 1000 companies by adopting a structured, disciplined approach to managing change—whether it’s for a critical customer relationship management (CRM) system implementation; new safety, environmental, or data-entry procedures; or a larger strategic organizational shift.

Implementing a utility-specific change management strategy not only ensures that your project gets delivered on time and on budget, but it also ensures that your employees are properly trained and fully understand and embrace the reasons behind the change.

What is utility change management? It’s a specific discipline designed to support and drive the human side of change. The simple fact is that people materially impact most business initiatives. Immense time and dollar value is lost whenever they don’t understand or support your plans. The E Source approach to change management gives you tools to proactively manage and mitigate those risks.

The Solution

E Source and Prosci®: A powerful partnership to help you succeed.

We’ve partnered with Prosci®, a global change management leader, to create a unique approach that combines our deep utility expertise with one of the most respected change management methodologies in the world. It’s a powerful tool for change, enhanced by a utility-only community of US and Canadian practitioners sharing best practices and ideas for the future.

What You Get

With E Source, you can expect expert advice and personalized support. Our change management solution includes these key activities:

  • Developing active and visible executive sponsorship for the upcoming change
  • Designing and delivering the business case for dedicated change management resources and funding
  • Improving employee engagement and participation that supports the changes you’re seeking
  • Integrating project management and process improvement functions and departments for quicker adoption
  • Building understanding and support from middle management to ensure the change is sustained for the long term

Don’t Think You Need to Manage Change? Think Again!

In today’s marketplace—where technologies, regulatory environments, and business models are in unprecedented flux—disruption is now the norm. Consider these trends and their impact on your business:

  • Massive advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), customer service, data management, and operational awareness deployments
  • Changing employee and customer expectations owing to demographic, technology and societal shifts
  • Fluctuating regulatory environments, including new potential business models, increased program and performance goals, and more-stringent environmental requirements
  • Increased customer adoption of self-service options
  • Workforce consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Distributed generation and resources (such as solar, wind, storage, and electric transportation)
  • Aging technology infrastructure that requires costly renewal or replacement

By working with E Source and Prosci®, you’ll learn a proven methodology for managing change among your employees. We focus on five key pillars:

  1. Ensuring Awareness of the need for change
  2. Creating Desire to participate in and support the change
  3. Developing Knowledge of what the change is
  4. Ensuring the Ability to carry out the new behavior
  5. Providing Reinforcement of the new approach

ADKAR® is a registered trademark of Prosci®

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