Actionable insights to help you deliver the optimal customer experience.

Customer expectations are on the rise and utilities need to build corporate, market, and employee engagement, but they’re constantly faced with internal operational efficiency goals and pressure to reduce costs. Actively managing the customer experience and delivering a consistently excellent experience is the key to achieving success.

The Solution

E Source Customer Experience Strategy Development and Road-Mapping will deliver an informed, organized, and actionable plan to create enhanced corporate, market, and employee engagement. Our experts will work with your team to craft a unique customer experience (CX) vision, a detailed strategy, and an implementation road map—all based on insights from your customers and employees, along with best practices to support achievement of your corporate goals and build customer engagement and loyalty.

The Benefits

With our help, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand voice-of-the-customer (VOC) and voice-of-the-employee (VOE) feedback, which will help define your CX vision
  • Identify and address your customers’ needs in an organized and prioritized fashion
  • Transform customer insights into actionable results
  • Improve operational efficiency and increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Leverage your road map to develop business cases for each area of opportunity
  • Balance organizational goals with customer needs to create win-win solutions that deliver results and create value

What You Get

We have a number of assessment and analysis tools at our disposal—along with extensive research and best-practice expertise from the utility industry and several other verticals—that will help shape your CX strategy. Our method includes two important phases: Understand and Plan.

Understand. During this initial phase, we’ll interview your key stakeholders and subject-matter experts to gain a solid understanding of your environment, including what’s unique about it and the issues you’re facing. We’ll identify goals for your desired customer experience and operational efficiencies, and we’ll help you set targets for customer enggagement, trust, and loyalty.

Plan. Using the findings from the first phase, we’ll develop a customized CX vision, strategy, and road map for your utility that will help you meet your goals. With our expert assistance, you’ll be able to prioritize a list of specific projects that will address critical issues within your organization and identify the key stakeholders you need to engage to accomplish your CX objectives.

The end result will be:

  • A unique CX vision that your organization can embrace
  • A detailed CX strategy—based on VOC and VOE data, research, and best practices—that outlines the enhancements required to optimize the customer experience and deliver operational efficiencies
  • A road map of enhancements to undertake and a plan to prioritize and implement those enhancements

Get Started!

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