Many communities are challenged with creating an efficient and sustainable smart city. There isn’t an established formula for how to proceed and there are many technology options to consider and many stakeholders that need to be involved.

What we cover

E Source helps cities assess their technological and organizational maturity in seven key areas to help prioritize future investments:

Utility services

Waste management


Public safety

Environmental quality

Community and culture

Strategic direction

Smart city assessments and benchmarking

The E Source Smart City Assessment tool uses established industry best practices to identify gaps, strengths, and opportunities for improvement. Numerous teams and departments across your city—such as leadership; utilities; public works; first responders; IT; and planning, zoning, and development managers and staff—participate in surveys to inform our analysis. Your city can use the Smart City Assessment tool annually to support continuous improvement efforts and for benchmarking purposes, allowing you to compare your city to similar cities.

We’re on your team

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