Brysen Daughton researches emerging technologies and utility programs on the Customer Energy Solutions team. Brysen started as an intern at E Source, forecasting clean energy technology, and researching best‑in‑class demand‑side management programs. Brysen has two degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder: a master’s degree in renewable and sustainable energy, and an undergraduate degree in ecology and evolutionary biology.

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What Measures Are Moving Up the Stream?

Brysen Daughton
October 16, 2019

In 2018, E Source performed a comprehensive review of the midstream and upstream demand-side management market. Find out what program types are suitable for the midstream and upstream market and gain insights to implement at your utility.

Sending Your DSM Measures Upstream

Brysen Daughton
August 20, 2019

Utilities are under increasing pressure to deliver cost-effective demand-side management (DSM) programs. Because of this, midstream and upstream programs have proliferated. Find out which new measures are making waves in the midstream DSM market and learn how to move your measures up the stream.