We’re ecstatic to announce the launch of the 2024 Utility Ad Awards Contest! This annual contest recognizes and rewards creative excellence in utility advertising. The contest is now open and accepting entries until June 21 from any electric, gas, or water utility located in the US or Canada.

We encourage utility marketers and communicators or their advertising agencies to submit their most effective and creative campaigns for their chance to win. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know before submitting.

New year, new categories

We’re thrilled to unveil three exciting new categories for this year’s contest! After careful consideration, we’ve identified key areas of innovation and impact within the utility industry.

With the addition of affordability and energy equity, internal communications, and mobility and EVs, we’re poised to recognize and celebrate groundbreaking initiatives that drive progress and positive change. These categories reflect our commitment to acknowledging excellence in diverse facets of utility advertising and communications, and we can’t wait to see the exceptional entries they inspire.

We’ll bestow awards in the following categories:

  • Affordability and energy equity
  • Brand and sustainability
  • Energy efficiency, demand response, and energy management
  • Energy generation and renewable energy
  • Internal communications
  • Mobility and EVs
  • Safety, emergencies, and outages
  • Self-service

Show us what ya got!

We can’t wait to see what utilities have been working on this year, especially those campaigns showcasing an impact on brand awareness, website traffic, and program participation. Send us the campaigns that stole the show and fill us in on the unique tactics you used to connect with your audience.

We suggest including multiple pieces of content with your campaign. This will help us more accurately judge your campaign’s merits.

We also understand that not every utility’s budget is the same—and that’s OK! We encourage all utilities to enter, no matter how small their budget might be. Even the simplest campaigns can make an impact, and we want to hear about it.

Once all submissions are in, an independent group of leading creative directors, graphic designers, art directors, and writers will review and score the entries. We base our campaign judging criteria on four categories:

  • Idea. It clearly identifies a problem, defines goals with measurable outcomes, details product or service features and benefits, and has a distinct value proposition showcasing innovation or differentiation.
  • Message. It clearly identifies the target audience and justifies customer interest. The tone is consistent and engaging. It clearly communicates a single call-to-action that complements the main idea.
  • Creativity. It has a strong visual identity that aligns with the brand promise and shows the value proposition. It uses creative techniques, linking the brand and customers across multiple channels.
  • Measurement. It achieved or exceeded the planned goals, metrics, and outcomes. It showcases how organizations used their budget in a creative and effective way, with special consideration for budgets under $50,000.

We’ll honor the winners at the E Source Forum 2024 and feature their campaigns on the E Source website. Explore Utility Ad Awards Contest winners from previous years.

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