Each year we celebrate the great work utilities are doing to create excellent experiences for their customers and provide a supportive and empowering workplace for their employees. If you’re working on improving your customer or employee experience, we want to know about it! Tell us about your triumphs today for a chance to win a 2023 Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience award!

What we’re looking for

The process to enter is simple and straightforward, making it easy for you to throw your hat in the ring. According to Paige Nunn, voice-of-the-customer strategic adviser for Dominion Energy, “The submission process was easy. The ability to add documents and screenshots is a plus.” Dominion Energy was our runner-up for the 2022 Achievement in Customer Experience for its development of the Builder app.

This year, we’re honoring utilities for their work in three categories: residential customer experience, business customer experience (a new category in 2023!), and employee experience.

Achievements in residential or business customer experience

These awards celebrate excellence in residential and business customer experience management efforts within the industry, highlighting tactics and programs that enhance customers’ experiences, such as:

  • Billing and payment
  • Web or mobile experience
  • Start or stop service
  • New construction
  • Community interaction and services
  • Outage management
  • Energy management or advisory programs
  • Customer experience-focused technology implementations, such as customer information systems

“We enter the contest every year to highlight the hard work taking place [at Dominion Energy] to improve CX and EX, and this recognition among peers goes a long way,” says Nunn. “It also helps keep the momentum up. Our challenge is to make sure we internally communicate the ‘wins.’”

Achievements in employee experience

This award celebrates innovative methods in employee engagement that result in a favorable customer experience. It highlights utilities that are working hard to engage, enable, educate, empower, and reward employees to provide exceptional customer service.

How we evaluate entries

Our judges will evaluate achievements based on:

  • Unique approaches and creativity
  • Whether the project affected multiple areas of the organization
  • Metrics and results of the work
  • Overall impression

We’re accepting entries through June 9. Submit your utility’s achievements today for your chance to win!

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