Monali Mujumdar conducts research in lighting, smart meters, and other technology areas. In addition to writing reports and answering member inquiries, She develops tools in R (a programming language) to help her team simplify tasks. Monali previously worked for V-Enable in San Diego, CA, as a Speech Engineer and helped improve system accuracy. She also worked for ABB, India in its Medium Voltage Switchgear Division, where her focus was designing protection systems for heavy machinery. Monali has a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Wyoming.

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What Products Are Available for Utilities to Share Solar Energy Data with Customers?

Monali Mujumdar
November 29, 2018

Are you looking for creative ways to share solar data with your customers? We provide examples of monitoring devices utilities can use to let their customers know how much power their solar panels are producing.

History of lighting: How technological advances and federal regulations shaped the bulb

Monali Mujumdar
April 10, 2018

Since Thomas Edison's incandescent lamp became commercially available more than a century ago, technological advances and federal regulations have shaped lighting's path. Our infographic shows you the journey, including major milestones, where the market is now, and where it's headed.

5 Technologies and Trends That Caught Our Attention in 2017

Essie Snell, Monali Mujumdar, Andrea Salazar
March 26, 2018

Each year, the E Source tech team compiles a list of the technologies and trends that made waves that year. For 2017, our list includes whole-home renewable energy systems, lighting's role in DSM portfolios, M&V 2.0, CTA-2045, and advanced controls for small and midsize businesses.