Mike Hildebrand leads the consulting and business development aspects of the business customer account management offerings at E Source. Mike has been working with and for utilities for decades. He has a broad and tenured experience in the energy industry, and he’s led the sales, product management, and consulting areas at E Source. He has also been responsible for sales, corporate strategic planning, customer strategies for key accounts and small and midsize business customers, and new-product development efforts at both regulated and nonregulated utilities. He was the original creator of the E Source Gap & Priority Benchmark and the E Source Account Management Assessment, and he works closely with the current team in the strategy and format of those studies.

Before joining E Source, Mike worked with numerous midwestern utility companies, including Wisconsin Public Service in Green Bay and Peoples Gas in Chicago. In those roles, he was responsible for creating and managing the customer experience strategy for business customers of all sizes. He has helped create business call centers, optimize account management organizations, develop and sell energy efficiency and revenue generating products and services, and create and implement a robust business segmentation model. He was also active with state and local business associations, led business councils, and helped shape statewide energy-efficiency programs for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Mike holds a BA in business administration and a BS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin system and is a certified new product development professional.

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Mike Hildebrand
August 1, 2018

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You Can Assign an Average of 40 Customers Per Key Account Manager

Laura Ruff, Mike Hildebrand
June 18, 2018

Since 2013, the average number of customers per key account representative has stabilized at around 40 customers. Check out our infographic, which uses data from the E Source Account Management Assessment and the E Source Gap and Priority Benchmarks, to learn more!

How a Younger Workforce Affects Trends in Account Manager Salary and Tenure

Laura Ruff, Mike Hildebrand
June 18, 2018

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