Luke Currin leads the strategy and content development for the E Source Residential Marketing, Business Marketing, and Corporate Communications Services. Luke and his team support marketers’, corporate communicators’, social media managers’, and program managers’ efforts to boost program participation, strategize and sell nonregulated offerings, improve the utility’s brand and reputation, and optimize department operations. Luke believes marketing and communications play critical roles in evolving utilities’ relationships with customers as customer expectations and technologies change. Before joining E Source, Luke worked in Media Relations and Internal Communications at Duke Energy. He studied environmental studies and Hispanic studies at Davidson College.

Content by This Author

What Canadian Customer Insights Does E Source Offer?

Luke Currin, Rachel Cooper
December 10, 2018

Which of your customers want an electric car? What are their communication preferences and online behaviors? The E Source Canadian Residential Customer Insights Center answers these questions and many more. Join this web conference to learn what consumer insights you can access through this tool.

Using Data to Drive Your Business Customer Marketing Decisions

Luke Currin, Rachel Cooper
May 29, 2018

The E Source Business Customer Insights Center uncovers insights about US business customers' energy-related priorities, preferences, and interests. During this web conference, we'll reveal the tool's newest updates and present some intriguing data trends.

Using Data to Drive Your Residential Customer Marketing Decisions

Luke Currin, Rachel Cooper
May 15, 2018

During this web conference, we'll unveil the latest updates to the E Source Residential Customer Insights Center and present intriguing data trends about US residential customers' energy-related priorities, preferences, and opinions.

Residential Customers' Interest in Energy-Related Products and Services

Luke Currin
March 23, 2018

Utilities are diversifying their product offerings beyond electricity and gas to include behind-the-meter technologies, connected home devices, and efficient appliances. This infographic covers which product lines have the most opportunity and reveals customers' communication preferences.

How Facebook’s News Feed Adjustment Affects Utilities

Luke Currin
January 12, 2018

What do Facebook's revisions to its algorithm mean for utilities, given that the majority of their social audience is on Facebook and that, according to a New York Times article, brands and publishers are the losers here?