Katie Ryder is an expert in utility operations, particularly when it comes to demand-side management (DSM). Katie has worked as a consultant in the energy sector for more than nine years. In her time with E Source, she has written multiple reports, conducted one-on-one interviews with utilities, and led web conferences on various topics. In her time on the E Source Demand-Side Management Service team, Katie answered more than 1,000 member inquiries about utility operations best practices, and she conducted utility process and impact evaluations to verify the results and impacts of DSM programs.

Before joining E Source, Katie worked at Nexant, where she analyzed and estimated energy consumption and savings in buildings; conducted cost-benefit analyses of energy conservation measures; and reviewed and verified residential, industrial, and commercial building energy analysis. For three years prior to that, Katie was with the Cadmus Group, where she contributed to DSM projects aimed at energy-efficiency program management, design, and evaluation, including large-scale statewide energy conservation initiatives and the evaluation of demand-response projects for utility companies.

Katie holds a BS in physics and ecology and an MS in sustainability management, both from the University of Colorado.