Bryan Jungers conducts research on emerging, energy-efficient, and distributed energy resource technologies. His main areas of expertise lie in electric vehicles, electric motors, batteries and energy storage, distributed generation, controlled environment agriculture, and renewable power systems. Bryan brings to the company over 10 years of professional experience as an energy engineer and research analyst, including for the Electric Power Research Institute, California Energy Commission, and University of California at Davis. His industry knowledge, combined with hands-on experience, enable him to address member needs from a holistic, systems-oriented perspective. Bryan worked as both a research manager and product manager before entering his current role. He holds a BS in environmental engineering from Humboldt State University and an MS in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California at Davis.

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Turning roadblocks into on-ramps: The path to fleet electrification

Bryan Jungers
August 30, 2022

The best thing utilities can do right now to support fleet electrification is to build out program offerings. Learn which five areas we think utilities should be focusing on to help business customers with fleet electrification.

Transportation electrification and energy funding in the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Bryan Jungers
July 11, 2022

We provide a section-by-section explanation of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Use this analysis to find ways to fund new EV charging infrastructure.

How utilities can support EV charging infrastructure through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Liza Minor, Bryan Jungers
July 8, 2022

States are applying for transportation funding under the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Learn how utilities can partner with other organizations to seek funding for new EV charging infrastructure.

Sustainable utility matters: Taking charge of transportation electrification

Sannie Sieper, Bryan Jungers
April 5, 2022

Our second installment of the “Sustainable utility matters” series focuses on the challenges and opportunities utilities face as they roll out transportation electrification plans and electric vehicle supply equipment. Read more in our interview with Bryan Jungers, director of mobility at E Source.

Building your EV charger asset management plan

Bryan Jungers, Jesse Hitchcock, Liza Minor
March 3, 2022

Anyone deploying electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)—including utilities, cities, states, vendors, and contractors—should build an asset management plan to ensure cost-effectiveness. The plan should include details on sizing, siting, installing, maintaining, and repairing the EVSE.