Bill LeBlanc draws on his experience in the energy industry to provide insight into where the industry is going and help create E Source products that will serve its members. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, pricing, market research, demand-side management, and social marketing. He focuses on helping utilities understand how their products and services can help customers. He specializes in maximizing marketing effectiveness, electric vehicle marketing, and design thinking. Before joining E Source, Bill worked for six years as a director at Barakat & Chamberlin, a national consulting firm. He also founded and served for several years as president of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. Bill was a project manager at EPRI from 1988 to 1991. He also had stints at Apple and Disney in his early days. Bill holds a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a BA in management economics from Claremont McKenna College.

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Performance-based regulatory strategies to accelerate beneficial electrification

Jesse Hitchcock, Meryl Compton, Bill LeBlanc, Steven Day
March 30, 2022

Are you running into regulatory roadblocks as you pursue beneficial electrification? In this report, we explain how policy changes can help utilities align their electrification goals with societal benefits, like reducing carbon emissions.

The EV ads of Super Bowl 2022: Did they score or fumble?

Bill LeBlanc
February 22, 2022

The stakes were high this year for EV manufacturers during Super Bowl LVI with 30-second spots going for up to $6.5 million—and the field was crowded. Which EV advertisements scored a touchdown? Which ones fumbled? Keep reading to find out what we thought.

EV charging and pricing: What are consumers willing to pay?

Bill LeBlanc
February 14, 2022

We recently asked utility customers in the US and Canada a series of pointed questions about electric vehicle (EV) charging and pricing. The responses offer insights to help you better plan public charging network pricing and improve customers’ understanding of EVs through new messaging approaches.

EVs aren’t that great ... or are they?

Bill LeBlanc
December 9, 2021

Electric utilities, EV owners, and EV enthusiasts are all big fans of the electric vehicle. But are these cars really that great compared to the internal combustion engine car? Find out how the two types of car compare and, knowing these differences, how you should pitch the EV to potential buyers.

Is the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning a game changer for EVs?

Bill LeBlanc
June 3, 2021

Ford’s recent unveiling of its all-electric F-150 Lightning marks a new chapter in electric vehicle model announcements, which have been flooding in over the past couple of years. But will it be popular among consumers? Our research shows ...