Bill LeBlanc previously served the business as vice president for Marketing, vice president for Consulting, and vice president for Research. He’s also president of the Boulder Energy Group. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, pricing, market research, and demand-side management as well as social marketing. He focuses on helping utilities understand the intersection between the customer and the utility’s products and services, and specializes in maximizing marketing effectiveness. Before joining E Source, Bill worked for six years as a director at Barakat & Chamberlin, a national consulting firm. He also founded and served for several years as president of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. Bill served as a project manager at EPRI from 1988 to 1991, overseeing projects focused on demand management, rates, marketing, and customer behavior; developing promotional programs for EPRI products and services; and conducting conferences and workshops. He holds a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a BA in management economics from Claremont McKenna College.

Content by This Author

What Will the Future Utility Brand Look Like?

Bill LeBlanc
October 17, 2018

At the Fall 2018 E Source Utility Marcom Executive Council, we had participants describe the current and future states of utility brand. They started with words like reliable, safe, and low cost and shifted to phrases like socially responsible and customer-centric.

Are We Getting Utility Bill Designs All Wrong?

Bill LeBlanc
June 13, 2018

Sign up for E Source's upcoming bill redesign web conference on June 26, 2018, to learn how to better design your utility bill to serve customers' needs. We'll discuss our recent ethnographic market research, customer-centric design-thinking approaches, and more.

What's Next for the New Energy Consumer? We Have Some Ideas

Bill LeBlanc
February 28, 2018

This year's E Source E Design 2020 conference is all about innovation and design thinking, and we've added a focus on how to move ideas into action. We'll gather in Seattle from April 11 to 12 to study innovative approaches and design-thinking experiences from other industries. Don't miss it!

Taking Cues from Amazon and Airbnb: Designing the Future Utility at the E Design 2020 Conference

Bill LeBlanc
May 25, 2017

Read highlights from the inaugural E Source E Design 2020 conference and learn how to get involved in a three-year collaborative project to reimagine the next generation of utility products, services, and experiences.

Becoming the Airbnb of the Energy Services Industry

Bill LeBlanc
December 7, 2016

Learn how utilities can employ design-thinking techniques to create products, services, and experiences for the customer of the future.