Bill LeBlanc focuses on helping utilities understand the intersection between the customer and the utility’s products and services, specializing in maximizing marketing effectiveness. He previously served E Source in vice presidential roles for the Marketing, Consulting, and Research departments. He’s also president of the Boulder Energy Group. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, pricing, market research, and demand-side management as well as social marketing. Before joining E Source, Bill worked as a director at Barakat & Chamberlin, a national consulting firm. He also founded and served for several years as president of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. Bill served as a project manager at EPRI from 1988 to 1991, overseeing projects focused on demand management, rates, marketing, and customer behavior; developing promotional programs for EPRI products and services; and conducting conferences and workshops. He holds a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a BA in management economics from Claremont McKenna College.

Content by This Author

Who Benefits from Beneficial Electrification?

Bill LeBlanc
September 12, 2019

Done correctly, electrification has the opportunity to reduce carbon, lower rates for consumers, and make the grid run more efficiently. E Source has created a framework that shows how utilities, regulators, and government entities can more systematically make decisions around electrification.

How Design Thinking Can Propel Innovation at Your Utility

Bill LeBlanc
February 20, 2019

One of the key elements that utilities need to incorporate into their design-thinking strategy is a customer-first mentality. By putting customers first as you design new products and services for them, you'll be more successful.

Super Bowl Ads, EVs, Spaceships, and Alexa: What Are Marketers Telling Us?

Bill LeBlanc
February 6, 2019

In between the punting, tackling, and scoring of the big game itself, companies shelled out big bucks to promote their products, services, and brand during Super Bowl LIII. We take a look at a few of the more relevant ads to the utility industry.

What Will the Future Utility Brand Look Like?

Bill LeBlanc
October 17, 2018

At the Fall 2018 E Source Utility Marcom Executive Council, we had participants describe the current and future states of utility brand. They started with words like reliable, safe, and low cost and shifted to phrases like socially responsible and customer-centric.

Radically Redesign Your Utility’s Customer Bill Using Design Thinking

Bill LeBlanc
June 26, 2018

Through recent ethnographic research, E Source revealed major conflicts between how utilities design their bills and the information customers want. We've transformed the bill redesign process and are looking for utilities to partner with us for their redesign efforts. Sign up to learn more.