Bill LeBlanc draws on his experience in the energy industry to provide insight into where the industry is going and help create E Source products that will serve its members. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, pricing, market research, demand-side management, and social marketing. He focuses on helping utilities understand how the their products and services can help customers. He specializes in maximizing marketing effectiveness, electric vehicle marketing, and design thinking. Before joining E Source, Bill worked for six years as a director at Barakat & Chamberlin, a national consulting firm. He also founded and served for several years as president of the Association of Energy Services Professionals. Bill was a project manager at EPRI from 1988 to 1991. He also had stints at Apple and Disney in his early days. Bill holds a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a BA in management economics from Claremont McKenna College.

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Can low-income consumers benefit from EVs? Yes, but maybe not in a traditional way

Bill LeBlanc
January 29, 2021

Over the past two years, virtually every utility or government entity I’ve spoken with about electric vehicles has mentioned a desire to promote equity in electric transportation. But many are having trouble developing solutions. Why? Because they need to reframe the problem and ask new questions.

Utilities have an essential role to play in EV marketing. It’s time to step up

Bill LeBlanc
December 3, 2020

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have been anemic, and automakers are hesitant to pump money into EV marketing like they do for high-margin vehicles. Utilities are uniquely positioned to be the primary promoter of EVs, and they stand to benefit from powering the shift toward clean electric fuel.

Reimagining electricity pricing to meet beneficial-electrification and carbon-reduction goals: Now’s the time for big changes

Bill LeBlanc
October 28, 2020

Come hear two national experts talk about pricing in the context of electrification and carbon reduction.

EV charging and pricing: What are consumers willing to pay?

Bill LeBlanc
September 1, 2020

We recently asked utility customers in the US and Canada a series of pointed questions about electric vehicle (EV) charging and pricing. The responses offer insights to help you better plan public charging network pricing and improve customers’ understanding of EVs through new messaging approaches.

Why do people have electric vehicle range anxiety?

Bill LeBlanc
July 15, 2020

Why do consumers have range anxiety? Our research has revealed some striking problems with consumers’ beliefs about electric vehicles and how they get “fueled up.” To combat this phenomenon, utility communicators and marketers should focus their messaging on the comfort and ease of charging at home.