Alanya oversees the E Source subscription products and is responsible for the delivery team’s strategic direction. She also manages the company’s mergers and acquisitions. In past roles, she developed new products including the E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, which she ran for two years. Before joining E Source, Alanya worked at several companies in the energy industry, including Duke Energy, where she was the director of Strategy, Communications, and Continuous Improvement in the Emerging Technology Office. Alanya has an MBA and MS from the University of Michigan and a BA in architecture from Yale University.

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Innovation Showcase: Focus on Omega Grid

Alanya Schofield
December 11, 2018

Don't miss the next presentation in our Innovation Showcase series. Learn about Omega Grid, a blockchain software company that turns any grid into an open and safe marketplace that enables customers and devices of all sizes to earn rewards for changing their energy usage during pricing events.

DER Portfolio Innovation Working Group: Preworkshop Call

Alanya Schofield
October 3, 2018

If you're attending the DER Strategy Working Group Meeting: Driving Innovation in Your Customer Portfolio at the E Source headquarters in Boulder, CO, October 16–18, 2018, you won't want to miss this pre-workshop call. We’ll set expectations for the workshop and share background material.

How to Evolve Your DSM Portfolio in a DER World

Alanya Schofield
September 12, 2018

Learn about the evolution of utility demand-side management programs as they shift from a focus on traditional efficiency to the integration of distributed energy resources. Join this web conference to find out the steps you need to take to successfully navigate this transition.

2018 Utility DER Strategy Benchmark: Key Findings

Alanya Schofield
August 16, 2018

Join us to hear key findings from the E Source 2018 Utility DER Strategy Benchmark, a survey of more than 35 US and Canadian utilities’ current and anticipated future approaches to distributed energy resources.

Key Findings from the 2018 E Source Utility DER Strategy Benchmark

Alanya Schofield
July 17, 2018

The 2018 E Source Utility DER Strategy Benchmark revealed how utilities are innovating, how key program metrics are evolving, and how you can become a trusted energy advisor by offering customers information on distributed energy resources (DERs). Check out our infographic for details.