Adam Maxwell designs, develops, and implements new products for the electric and gas utility industry, with a focus on human behaviors and design thinking. He brings human-centered design to utilities across North America through collaborative research services, workshops, and consulting. Adam builds utilities’ empathy for customers, asks challenging questions, encourages people to get out of their comfort zones, and inspires new ways to meet evolving consumer needs. For 10 years, he has helped North American utilities optimize their energy-efficiency, demand-response, solar, and distributed energy resource programs. Adam has a BA in psychology from Wesleyan University.

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Customer Challenges Versus Utility Challenges: Shifting Our Perspectives

Adam Maxwell
January 29, 2020

By framing questions from the customer’s perspective (not the utility’s), it forces us to be laser-focused on human needs. Find out how you can use customer insights to better design and market your utility’s programs.

E Design Week: The Design-Thinking Workshop for Everyone

Adam Maxwell
October 24, 2019

Join us for E Design Week, our design-thinking workshop focused on creating innovative, customer-facing products and services.

Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation

Adam Maxwell
May 17, 2018

E Source hosted over 160 utility innovators in Seattle, Washington, in early April for a conference focused on moving ideas into action. We got the chance to discuss common barriers to innovation and to collaborate with peers on how to overcome those barriers.

An Eye-Opening Customer-First Experience: E Design 2020 NextGen Workshop

Adam Maxwell
November 8, 2017

In October 2017, we hosted 50 utility innovators for the E Design 2020 workshop. Learn about our three-day approach to stepping into the customers’ shoes through design thinking. For years, utilities have said “We need to become more customer-centric,” and design thinking can accomplish this goal.