Anna Nixon works with E Source’s industry experts to write their research into reports. In her previous role, she worked as a researcher solving marketing and communications problems for utility marketers. Before coming to E Source, Anna wrote technical and scientific articles for Colorado State University's (CSU) College of Natural Sciences. Anna was also a reporter, photographer, and designer for The Rocky Mountain Collegian. She holds a BA in journalism and media communication with a concentration in content and production, and a minor in business administration from CSU.

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10 recommendations for utility website design

Heather Hilgenkamp, Anna Nixon
May 26, 2022

To help you improve your utility’s website, we examined the 20 highest-rated utility websites in the E Source 2021 Website Benchmark. Use the 10 recommendations from this e-book to determine where your utility’s website is performing well and where it needs development.

One utility’s winning LinkedIn strategy

Anna Nixon, Angelica Pereira
March 30, 2022

Most utilities use LinkedIn to recruit new employees and communicate with business customers. National Grid used LinkedIn static ads and InMail ads to promote its commercial lighting incentives. In this blog post, you’ll see examples of that winning LinkedIn strategy.

How well do you know the next wave of EV buyers?

Anna Nixon
September 15, 2021

Utilities need to know more about future electric vehicle (EV) buyers to design effective marketing campaigns that reach them. Our latest report delivers insights on the next wave of EV buyers. In this blog post, we highlight some of those findings.

The newest trends in digital marketing: A guide for utilities

Anna Nixon
July 12, 2021

Considering whether to add a new digital channel like Nextdoor or podcasting to your marketing strategy? Check out this blog post for a preview of our research on the latest digital marketing technologies, platforms, and content types. Then you can decide if they’re right for your utility.

The five must-haves for the perfect utility mobile app

Sara Patnaude, Anna Nixon
March 10, 2021

Developing a responsive website is a great step toward setting up a mobile presence, but it isn’t enough. Utility mobile apps outperform utility websites in overall customer satisfaction.