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Until now, journey-mapping has been done on a white board or a wall in someone’s office with sticky notes and markers. This two-dimensional experience might hang on the wall as a poster and be a teaching tool, but it’s just a snapshot in time that’s difficult to interact with and to change. E Source JourneyHub is an intuitive, interactive, and collaborative web-based tool that allows utilities to easily map all of their customer touchpoints and to visualize and better understand how customers interact with and feel about their utility companies. The Map, Analyze, Present methodology provides a streamlined, yet holistic, view of your company’s touchpoints across all channels so you can better understand your customers’ complete experience.


Map. Say goodbye to manual map creation and hello to an auto-generated, detailed map that’s infused with your customer and touchpoint data. Simply enter your customer data and touchpoints into the secure, web-based system. JourneyHub then converts this information into an intuitive, data-rich map of your customer journey. As you collect and enter new data, the map automatically updates to reflect changes. The tool can be configured to work with your existing data sources, and, unlike other mapping tools, JourneyHub allows multiple parties to participate in the mapping process—contributing to the map design, viewing it as it’s being built, and accessing the results.

Analyze. It’s all about the details when you’re managing customer experience, and that’s what a JourneyHub map delivers. Thanks to its built-in business intelligence, JourneyHub assesses and ranks every touchpoint on your map and clearly calls out areas that need attention. This enables you to easily show and objectively prove which activities and processes are costing you most and which are excelling. Use these insights to create a prioritized plan for transforming your business and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Present. Easily share your findings and build a compelling case for change by presenting dashboard data views, customized for different stakeholders (executives, managers, and associates). Get everyone on the same page with the customer at the center of your company’s strategy.

What You Get with JourneyHub

  • Five utility seats with read-write permission and an unlimited number of read-only seats
  • Access to the community of subscribing utilities, including map templates and best practices from the group