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We know it can be tough to figure out who to hire for program implementation or how to structure your requests for proposals (RFPs). Similarly, determining which new measures can easily be incorporated into a program can be challenging. That’s why E Source is ready to help save you time and gain access to data that haven’t previously been available in the market. You asked for more market insights and we listened. We’re excited to introduce three new features of our demand-side management (DSM) data products that will provide more of the data you need to gain deeper insights into your portfolio and those of your peer utilities. In this fast-paced web conference, we’ll provide a live look at:

  • E Source DSM Insights Provider Mentions dashboard. We now offer information on who the incumbent implementer is for hundreds of programs across the US and Canada. This new Provider Mentions dashboard displays data by implementer, program administrator, and program category as well as by provider performance. Never before has all this data been available in one place.
  • E Source Measure Insights Common Measures dashboard. We’ve taken measure-level analysis to the next level by providing a new framework to look across nearly 30 technical reference manuals (TRMs). Using the new Common Measures dashboard, you can see which measures are only included in a small number of TRMs or which are the most frequently included. This is the first time this data has been made available in one place, and we’re excited to show you how to access it.
  • E Source Energy RFP. Our database of active and inactive RFPs will ensure that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when drafting RFPs, RFIs, or RFQs. Take a look at 500 RFPs to gain insights on the structure, reporting requirements, and security measures that other utilities use. Plus, you can see who the winning bidder was.

You won’t want to miss the market introduction of these resources.


Rachel Buckley, Director, Data Product Strategy, E Source
Alexandra Behringer, Director, Portfolio Management, E Source
Zack Tamble, Director, Operations, QuadROI