Regardless of the size of the byte, utility companies have always had more data than they could chew. Join us to find out about how big data can change demand-side management programs, emerging-technology research, customer experience, and marketing operations as well as improve performance.

You will learn:

  • How E Source defines big data and its potential for utilities
  • How big data can help utilities meet and exceed their ever-increasing efficiency goals
  • How breaking down data silos can help create an omnichannel experience
  • How brands of all types are staffing up and partnering with third parties to build their big-data expertise and bring solutions to life
  • How partnerships and data analytics for commercial energy design assistance programs are bringing smarter, more-efficient solutions to market


Jeffrey Daigle, Senior Analyst, Customer Experience Practice, E Source
Katie Ryder, Senior Analyst, Demand-Side Management Practice, E Source
Sarah Howie, Business Line Lead, Marketing & Corporate Communications Practice, E Source
Mary Horsey, Director, Technology Assessment Practice, E Source

Who should attend:

Utility professionals who want to learn more about big data and its impact on the energy industry.

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).