Technical reference manuals (TRMs) are the cornerstone of utility demand-side management (DSM) program planning, design, and evaluation. They’re used to gather the assumptions, calculations, and values required to develop and evaluate DSM programs and portfolios. Because the data contained within TRMs are the foundation for energy-savings goals, using flawed assumptions can lead to underachieving DSM programs and, ultimately, financial implications caused by missed DSM goals.

In spite of the fact that they’re such a critical resource, TRMs are often challenging to locate on commission websites and they’re cumbersome and unwieldy to use. Searching through a 300-plus-page document to find a measure attribute, then manually extracting that data and inputting it into your own calculations is a clunky and slow process—one that can potentially lead to costly errors due to the sheer volume of data being handled.

Enter E Source Measure Insights, a data analytics platform that liberates critical TRM data by pulling it into an online, structured database of measure-specific inputs. With more than 15 TRMs indexed, Measure Insights allows you to easily access the underlying assumptions and calculations for particular technologies in specific climate zones, enabling you to quickly and accurately benchmark your program inputs and rapidly respond to regulatory requests. Measure Insights speeds up the program planning, design, and evaluation processes while reducing the risk of error.

Join us to learn more about Measure Insights and see it in action! During this web conference, we’ll highlight the newest features and data additions.

You will learn:

  • How to find measure-level attributes such as deemed savings, incremental costs, and effective useful life
  • How to benchmark TRM data from different states and regions across North America
  • How to access measure inputs and source documents with one click
  • How to compare and contrast measure input assumptions in their original context


Rachel Reiss Buckley, Director, Data Product Strategy, E Source
Adam Maxwell, Director, Strategy & New Products, E Source
Mark Brown, Founder & CEO, QuadROI
Zack Tamble, Director of Operations, QuadROI

Who should attend:

Utilities and implementation firms looking for an easier way to gather savings assumptions for DSM program planning, design, and evaluation; anyone responding to regulatory data requests; implementation firms looking for a business development edge; evaluators who reference TRMs on a regular basis; and firms that develop TRMs on behalf of utilities, states, or public utilities commissions.

For more information about attending this event, please email us or call 1-800-ESOURCE (1-800-376-8723).