For the first time in years, heating and cooling doesn’t dominate home energy consumption. I like to think heat pumps are playing a large part in this trend, but new products are still coming down the pike. Curious? Come to the “Pump Up the Heat” session at the 2016 E Source Forum to learn about the latest and greatest in heat pump technology.

Wishing you could efficiently heat your cold-climate home without running expensive gas lines to the property or digging pricey bore holes for a ground-source heat pump? There’s a heat pump for that!

Want to use one system for space heating and hot water to avoid shelling out dough for two compressors or having a heat pump water heater blasting cold air into your living space? There’s a heat pump for that!

Like the idea of using the newest, most efficient heat pump to condition your home, but are bothered by the fact that they leak planet-warming gases into the environment? Wish there was a refrigerant with 100,000 percent less global-warming potential than those that are currently on the market? There’s a heat pump for that!

Want to offset your electric resistance heating with an efficient mini-split heat pump, but don’t want be bothered with multiple controls? Longing for a way to control both systems right from your Nest or other smart thermostat, and have the thermostat automatically prioritize the heat pump? There’s a heat pump for that!

Now that you’re really curious, you won’t want to miss this Forum session on heat pumps. Register today!


Do you have any regional data on Heat Pump Water Heaters? Sales, installations, reviews? Thanks.

For your region, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) has produced a number of market research studies for heat pump water heater (HPWH). Their most-recent market report for HPWHs was just published in 2016, available at the following URL: You can find additional market research studies by NEEA at this site: Also, a recent market development worth noting is that GE is expected to end production of its Geospring HPWH model. At the same time, A. O. Smith recently announced that its Voltex model HPWH has been redesigned for improved efficiency and performance. You can read more about the Voltex release in a July news article, also from NEEA: