Utilities touch millions of lives every moment of every day, and people rarely notice unless they’re shocked by a high bill, smell a gas leak, or lose power.

When people’s lives are interrupted, they talk about it—when they’re out with friends, over the phone, and on social media. The only difference with social media is that it’s very, very public. Utilities and everyone else online can read each frustrated word someone writes about how a power outage ruined their barbecue or left them in the cold. Others can join in if they share that frustration.

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Fortunately, there are some extremely sharp people at utilities who manage customers and the public on social media around the clock. They know the difference between a real issue and hot air; they know when to engage someone and when to stay out of the fray; and they recognize the importance of engaging with customers and the public on a daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other channels.

During “Making Friends: Social Media’s Critical Role in Brand Management,” a Friday morning session at this year’s E Source Forum, four utility social media managers from different regions of the US will share their perspectives. We’ll hear about their social media strategies, the digital tools at their disposal, and some memorable experiences that changed their outlook.

These social media experts are:

As our industry and society change, so must our social media strategy and tactics. Outages, gas leaks, and high bills may not be the toughest issues utilities deal with on social media in the years ahead. Register for Forum so you can hear directly from the pros and ask them your burning questions. See you in Denver, September 13–16!

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