Sometimes it can feel like retail energy market players get all the glory and have all the fun.

Whether we’re talking creative rate design and promotion, business model exploration, rewards programs, or just zany advertising, there’s an appetite for risk among many retail players that has helped push the envelope in the energy conversation. And regulated utilities can reap the benefits of lessons learned by some of these intrepid brands.

We’ll be taking a walk on the wild side of global retail markets at the 2016 E Source Forum during a session featuring a man whose official corporate bio describes him as “the New Zealand electricity industry’s resident punk CEO. He might dress like a washed-up DJ, but he has spearheaded the radical transformation of electricity retailing in New Zealand.”

Did you catch that? This washed-up-DJ-looking guy is the leader of the fastest-growing energy provider in New Zealand (5,280 percent growth over three years!), and he’s taking on Australia too.

Photo of Ari Sargent, CEO of Powershop

He’s Ari Sargent, CEO of Powershop, and he’s coming to Denver and the E Source Forum to help shake things up.

Register now, mark your calendars, come caffeinated, be prepared for anything but mediocrity, and join us Thursday, September 15 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m.