There’s a job to be done, and you know just who can do it. But do your customers?

Utilities everywhere are working to develop, promote, and improve the connections between trusted trade allies and customers to bring energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects to fruition. For many utilities, one of the most effective ways to bridge the gap between trade allies and customers is through digital channels, including display ads, social media, and search engine marketing (SEM).

We’re always on the lookout for examples of these communications in the marketplace, and we’ve collected a number of them here to help spark ideas for your next trade ally support campaign.

To learn more about how you can make the most of your trade ally network—from implementation to co-marketing and performance optimization—check out our Trade Ally Networks Resource Center (for members of the E Source Demand-Side Management, Residential Marketing, and Business Marketing Services).

Coming soon! We’re just wrapping up data-gathering for the Utility Trade Ally Network Comparison and look forward to sharing the results with members. Our findings will answer questions such as:

  • How effective are utility trade ally networks across North America?
  • How are various utility trade ally networks structured? What structures are used by trade allies that achieve high rates of customer satisfaction, performance, and participation?
  • How can new or developing utility programs build strong trade ally networks and establish effective program strategies?
  • What are mature programs doing to maintain or increase trade ally engagement?

Avista Utilities

Website home page carousel promotion

Screenshot of Avista Utilities' website home page carousel promotion

Social media

Find an HVAC Contractor web page

Screenshot of Avista Utilities' Find a Contractor web page

Google AdWords campaign example

Georgia Power

Digital banner ad

Animated Georgia Power digital banner ad for trade allies

EarthCents New Home web page

Screenshot of Georgia Power's trade ally web page

Duke Energy

Digital banner ad

Animated Duke Energy digital banner ad for trade allies

Google AdWords campaign example

Screenshot of Duke Energy's AdWords campaign

Smart Saver web page

Screenshot of Duke Energy's trade ally web page

Smart Saver Contractor Search tool

Screenshot of Duke Energy's contractor search tool


Digital banner ad

Animated Pepco digital banner ad for trade allies


Social media

Google AdWords campaign example

Screenshot of PECO's AdWords campaign

New Home Rebates web page

Screenshot of PECO's New Home Rebates page

Find an Energy Star Builder web page

Screenshot of PECO's Find an Energy Start Builder page

Consumers Energy

Social media