Safety, energy efficiency, and fun have been the primary themes of the wide array of tips and tricks coming from utilities as the summer season ramps up. These tidbits of wisdom are hitting digital displays, websites, and social media as well as video and streaming radio pre-roll to create a full-spectrum digital experience for customers. A number of utilities are flexing their digital muscles, and I’m excited to see what else they have in store for us.

Tips and tricks serve a few key purposes in the overall scheme of your digital media communications strategy:

  • They’re quick, often immediately helpful, and at their best when placed in a fitting context. For example, you may consider rolling out a trigger ad with tips for emergency preparedness when storms are on the horizon or placing a digital display on travel, leisure, or outdoors websites with tips on how to safeguard your home while you’re on a family road trip. Get creative and think context!
  • They often require little or no financial investment by customers. Tips and tricks are a purely value-added service for customers. It’s not about hooking them for a new product or offering, but rather giving them little bits of unexpected and timely value.
  • They can act as a conversation-starter. Whether you’re looking to engage customers in a conversation about safety, savings, or summer outreach events, tips and tricks can be the easy initial step you need to get the ball rolling.

Let’s look at two full campaigns to give you a sense of the breadth of these efforts and how brands are creating an omnichannel experience across the board. Then you’ll get a gallery view of more examples from across the industry. Time to let your inner tipster shine!

DTE Energy

DTE’s end-to-end digital summer tips campaign uses several digital channels, including a Cooling Tips page with everything customers need to know to keep cool and manage energy costs. DTE also offers tips pages for lighting, appliances, heating, electronics, and water heating.

Website home page promotion

DTE Energy Summer Cooling home page promotion

Cooling Tips web page

DTE Energy Summer Cooling Tips web page

Digital banner ad

DTE Energy Summer Cooling banner ad

Google AdWords campaign linking to the Cooling Tips page

DTE Energy Summer Cooling AdWords campaign



Summer tips can be about more than saving money; they can also be about savings lives. SRP has incorporated tips into its water-safety campaign, which employs a variety of digital channels, messaging approaches, and languages.

Check out Swim Safety = Fun Summer on the SRP blog and visit the utility’s summer water safety page. As you can see, SRP has created an interwoven digital experience, providing opportunities for connection across multiple brand and social platforms.

Banner ads (mobile and desktop)

SRP water safety banner ad

SRP water safety banner ad (Spanish)

SRP water safety banner ad 3

Summer water-safety page

SRP water safety page

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

More Summer Tip Examples from Across the Utility Socialsphere