Lighting programs have always been a great way for utility customers to achieve large energy savings at a relatively low incentive cost. But after pushing CFL programs in the early 2000s and then LEDs in the 2010s, utilities have continued to search for the next big demand-side management (DSM) lighting program to get massive savings.

Today (curiously April Fools’ Day), E Source introduces its Lights Out DSM program—a monumental offering that can result in 100 percent energy savings and no free riders. It could possibly shape the utility industry for the rest of the century.

To enroll in the Lights Out program, a customer simply contacts their utility for a free lighting consultation, where a customer service representative chats with them about events unfolding via webcam in the utility’s monitored bald eagle nest. After the consultation, the utility sends a crew to remove all the lights from the customer’s property. The process is easy as pie; the crew just needs to remember to hunt down those pesky lights that can hide from view, such as:

  • Refrigerator lights
  • Cell phone camera lights
  • Backlit screen lighting
  • Microwave lights
  • Alarm clock lights
  • The sun and the moon

As soon as all lights are extinguished, the costs to illuminate the property instantly disappear.

We’ve tested this program with both residential and business customers. And, without any surprise, the reviews have been glowing. In the videos below, Lights Out customers share their experiences.

This program is also great for the utility. Generating high levels of satisfaction among residential and commercial enrollees, the Lights Out program reduces the cost to serve these customers and improves brand advocacy. We hope you’ll consider launching a Lights Out DSM program at your utility and share your findings in the comments below!

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