Are you sick of politics yet? According to The Atlantic article American Elections: How Long Is Too Long?, by one measure, the 2016 US presidential campaign will be 597 days old tomorrow. So if you’ve had enough, I don’t blame you. But while I’ve heard plenty about the economy, healthcare, and trade over the past year and a half, I haven’t heard much about the political landscape around energy (except from Ken Bone, as Corporate Communications subscribers can read about in last month’s Socialights: Corporate).

If you’re like me and have noticed that energy topics have been conspicuously absent from the election cycle, then you’ll be just as excited as I am that E Source just received data on energy-related customer actions and perceptions! This brand-spankin’-new 2016 data comes from the Nielsen Energy Behavior Track survey, conducted in partnership with E Source, which gathers information from roughly 32,000 residential customers from across the US.

Republicans and Democrats are equally likely to agree that their energy provider is customer-focused. Tweet this!

The 2016 survey not only brought back a question on political affiliation, but also introduced a number of new questions about stuff such as level of interest in community solar, preferred provider for various solar-related actions, preferred location for electric-vehicle charging, and whether respondents follow their energy provider on social media. So we had some fun with the new data by slicing and dicing it by self-reported political affiliation. Check out our awesome infographic to answer the question “Does political affiliation shape energy-related actions and perceptions?” You may be surprised by the answers!

Thumbnail of an infographic showing how political affiliation ties to energy perceptions and behaviors

And members of the Residential Marketing Service can look forward to having all of the 2016 data at their fingertips in the Residential Customer Insights Center on December 1, 2016. In the meantime, have some fun with politics by checking out the infographic and telling us what you think!