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The next phase of COVID-19 communication strategies

COVID-19 vaccines are changing the way people are thinking about the near future. Access to vaccines is increasing in the US and Canada, and with that, there’s a growing sense of optimism as summer and fall approach. How will your communication strategies keep up with the changing needs of your customers during the next phase of COVID? Read The next phase of COVID-19 communication strategies by staff writer “Laura Beausire” and analyst “Sarah Baker”.

Designing a successful chatbot strategy

Chatbots are a great channel for utilities because they deflect calls from your contact center, saving you money. They take care of routine and repetitive questions and free up time for your customer service reps to handle more-complicated requests. And they offer a low-cost, instant-access, self-service solution to customer problems. For customers, the benefits are simple: chatbots can answers their questions quickly and at any time, even after working hours. To fully reap these benefits, you first need to design a successful chatbot strategy, which we walk you through in this report. Read Designing a successful chatbot strategy by staff writer “Laura Beausire”.

Jump-starting your fleet electrification strategy with school bus programs

Utilities throughout the US and Canada can play a big role in reducing the transportation sector’s emissions by encouraging the electrification of transportation. Many utilities already offer a variety of electric vehicle (EV) and EV charger rebates or rates. However, these tend to focus on light-duty vehicles for residential use. While this is a good start, utilities also need to consider how they can help decarbonize the transportation sector by focusing on public and commercial fleets. Read Jump-starting your fleet-electrification strategy with school bus programs by analyst Steven Day.

The benefits of two-way text messaging

Many utilities use text alerts to quickly notify their customers about things like outages, emergencies, or billing issues. But in recent years, they’ve learned that customers want to respond to those messages. Knowing this, utilities are starting to add two-way texting as a communication channel. Through the 2018–2019 Digital Metrics Survey, we found that 18 utilities had or were planning to offer two-way texting. Read The benefits of two-way text messaging by staff writer Liza Minor.

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