It seems like the opportunities to improve the utility customer experience (CX) are nearly infinite, but most utilities don’t have the resources—financial or otherwise—to tackle everything effectively. How do utility CX professionals decide where to focus, what will make the biggest impact, and how to get the rest of the organization on board?

To answer these questions, we conduct the Customer Experience Survey every other year, and 2020 is one of those years! We survey CX professionals in utilities across the US and Canada on a variety of topics related to CX strategy, including:

  • Customer-centric culture and organizational alignment
  • Customer understanding
  • Experience design
  • Metrics and return on investment
  • Strategy and governance

From these biennial surveys, we gain insights into the state of CX at utilities that we’re then able to share with members of the Customer Experience Strategy Service.

We’ve been conducting this survey since 2012, and over the years, we’ve observed two key pitfalls that utility CX professionals encounter:

  • Implementing numerous tactical projects without a strategic framework to guide them
  • trying to drive CX improvements without the necessary organizational alignment and support

In March, we’ll roll out the latest iteration of our survey, and we’d love to hear from as many utility CX professionals as possible.

By consulting our data and insights you can avoid these pitfalls, drive more-effective improvements, and achieve greater personal and organizational success.

In March, we’ll roll out the latest iteration of our survey, and we’d love to hear from as many utility CX professionals as possible. The more respondents we get, the more insights we gain.

To make participation in our survey even more valuable this year, respondents will receive access to an exclusive report on utility voice-of-the-customer (VOC) management. This report will only be available to participants upon completion of our survey and includes data that will transform the way you manage VOC data. For example, as shown in the figure below, we looked at how utilities collect, analyze, and act on VOC feedback, as well as how they close the loop. Utilities are gathering a lot of VOC input, but putting much less effort and resources into analyzing and acting on that feedback.

Bar chart (copyright E Source with data from the Customer Experience Survey) showing that many more utilities are completing the listen phase of voice-of-the-customer feedback management than are closing the loop with customers.

It's clear that utilities have significant room for improvement in VOC maturity. This is just one example of the insights available in our exclusive report and of the critical information available from our survey.

Vist the Customer Experience Survey page and fill out the form to participate in the study. You don’t have to be an E Source member to participate, and you’ll receive a link to access the exclusive VOC maturity report upon completion of the survey.

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