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At the 2019 E Source Forum, we interviewed some of our session speakers about key points in their presentations.

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Your business customers are unique, so you’re not likely to find a one-size-fits-all approach to serving them. In this session, we shared trends and insights gleaned from our market research studies that will help you strategize by business type. Attendees learned about the differences between lodging, grocery, retail, industrial, healthcare, and other sectors, and they got ideas for what to focus on to best serve each of these business types.

After the session, we asked Eric Wilson, the residential building systems engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a few questions about his presentation. Check out his video responses below. An if you’re an E Source member, visit the E Source Forum 2019 page to download this and other session presentations.

  • What is ComStock? What is the scope of the project and why is it important to utilities? (0:11)
  • What are the best opportunities for utilities in leveraging this data to provide better service to their customers? (1:55)
  • How are you going about collecting data for the project and how can utilities help make it better? (3:13)